Lamborghini Huracan

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High Quality

 When shooting with a higher megapixel camera, one has more room to edit and play with its size. 

Prompt Delivery

 In a world where speed matters, you can expect to have your content within 24hrs of shoot.

Aerial/360 Degree Presentation 

No angle left unseen. 4k aerials, 5k 360 angles, leave everything on the table. 

Inventory Uploaded


Photos, Description, and Vehicle Info Posted with 24hrs of shoot.

 Lamborghini Urus

With 15 years in the car business, we understand what keeps dealerships open, inventory. With the ever changing scheme of our industry you must remain relevant, be it how your images are taken, or your social media presence. With speed, accuracy, and reliability, your business can not only grow, but allow those in placed positions to now perform at the rate expected without having to chase or worry about hiding employees, vehicles being photographed, uploaded online, incorrect descriptions, mileage, colors, content being created, posted, and so on. All that would be a thing of the past with Dave B Photography, the best solution in inventory management. We look forward to being of service.    



Photos that captivate.

Your website is the new frontline, and your images are the difference between a new client or them moving on to the next.

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